Contains all supported Minecraft versions with their respective EWG and ENG versions.


The versions below 1.15.2 were not tested by me, but are only derived from changelogs. Please take this into consideration and notify me (Coco#2000) if something is incorrect.
The 1.8.9 version seems to be stable.
We currently await the .34 update to fix ENG compatibility.
Minecraft Version (Links to EWG)
EWG / ENG Version
Latest (Both ENG and EWG)
8.1.28 / 2.0.4 (Jun 21 - 2020)
1.13.2 and 1.14.4 (Unstable?)
8.1.9 / 2.0.3 (Dec 23 - 2019)
7.2.30 / 1.0.8 (Jan 24 - 2018) (Seems to only work on Spigot)


If you are still having issues after trying these versions, make sure to contact support on our Discord. Before you do, though, please try the version with a serial number 1 lower and 1 higher first, and contact us if that was successful (so we can update this page accordingly), if it was not successful, so we can help you find the right version.
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