Known bugs
This page contains information on known bugs that currently affect a certain version. This list does not include ENG bugs.
We currently recommend using 1.16.2 on PaperMC (latest version).
At the right, you can find if the bug applies to a version. If a ? is specified, it is unkown if it applies to that version. Yes indicates that the bug does and no indicates that the bug doesn't apply to that version.
If you want to use any version in this list because it has acceptable bugs / the least amount of bugs, and it is not the same version as your server, you can follow this guide: How to migrate a world
The Workaround? column indicates if there is a possible workaround (however much time it may take). If there is no reference to a pointer at the bottom, please contact support on our Discord for help with this. Please do not ask for a workaround if there is a Noin that column, you won't get one.
Bug description
Doesn't contain broken portals
Yes ( 1. )
World gen doesn't stop at border
  1. 1.
    Making custom structures out of the portals and having them spawn, just like any other custom.


If you run into issues with any of these, make sure to contact our support team on our Discord.
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