All the EWG commands with an explaination
In order to use EWG to its full potential, there are a few handy commands for you to use.
/ewg createworld
This command opens a GUI from which you can pick a preset for a new world.
/ewg info
This command shows you what biome you are currently in, so you can find it in the configuration files easier.
/ewg tp
This command lets you teleport to a biome of your choice. The biome name is the same as the one you get from /ewg info, and the same as the name of the file in the configurations.
  1. 1.
    This command only properly functions in worlds EWG created.
  2. 2.
    This command will require you to rejoin after you ran it.
/ewg create
This command allows to turn your WorldEdit selection into a EWG schematic (not the same as normal WorldEdit schematics). You first select the structure with WorldEdit, then use the command, specifying the center X, Y and Z positions, as well as a name. The X, Y and Z positions will correspond to the location at which the plugin will paste the schematic in the world.
/ewg paste
This command pastes any EWG structure you provide. You can find the name of the structure in the structures folder. */plugins/EpicWorldGenerator/EWGFiles/.
/ewg bugreport
This command is outdated and should no longer be used, instead, use the this.
/ewg install
Used in some versions of EWG to apply web-editor edits. No longer supported in the latest versions or many of the first.


If you run into issues with any of these commands, make sure to contact our support team on our Discord.
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